Electric Volkswagen Service

Before you buy an electric Volkswagen, you may be wondering what kind of service appointments it will need. You’ve heard through the Columbus, Ohio, area grapevine that an electric vehicle (EV) requires way less service than your traditional gas-powered car. However, what does that exactly mean?

Let Germain Volkswagen of Columbus inform you about the service appointments that your EV will need. Scroll down this page to find the link that corresponds to your neighborhood and read about the services your electric car needs.

Tire Service

No matter what kind of car you drive, the tires require the same service. Each month, the tires should be checked for proper inflation and pressure.

Every six months, your EV will need a tire rotation, which involves switching the front tires with the rear. This ensures that the tires will wear out at the same rate.

The tire treads can tell you if you need new tires. If they’re shallow, they cannot grip the road effectively. Tires with good traction have deep treads.

Keep in mind that, due to the excess weight of the battery, your tires may need to be replaced more frequently.

Electric Volkswagen Service
Brake Service

Despite some differences, the brake system will still need brake fluid at the proper intervals and new brake pads from time to time. The components may not need to be changed as often, since EVs use regenerative braking. Regenerative brakes absorb the energy created by the car to recharge the battery. Therefore, they’ll be gentler on the brake pads.

Since you may not be using your brakes as often, you may need to lubricate the brake calipers. This is due to less brake usage.

Electric Volkswagen Service
Battery Service

The battery pack that powers your EV requires very little maintenance. Be aware that it’s best to keep your car out of extreme temperatures. If you can store your car in a heated or air-conditioned garage, that would be ideal.

In a more extreme climate, your car’s battery pack may need to be replaced every eight years or 100,000 miles. If you live in a more moderate climate, you may be able to wait 12 or even 15 years to update the battery. By then, you may be considering buying a new EV.

Electric Volkswagen Service
Necessary Fluids, Filters, and Miscellaneous Service

Electric Volkswagen Service

While many areas of your vehicle will no longer need service, including oil changes, other fluids will continue to be important. Changing the brake, transmission, and power steering fluids will still be necessary.

You’ll need to regularly replace the windshield wipers. Plus, you’ll want to fill up the windshield wiper fluid reservoir, especially in the winter months and during the pollen season. In tandem with this service, it’s best to have the cabin air filter changed to capture any allergens and other debris that could infiltrate your car.

The cooling system will need coolant at times as well. This system will need to be flushed and recharged. You’ll also have to monitor the cooling system hoses for wear and tear.

Light bulbs in the interior and the exterior lights should be replaced as often as necessary. Make sure that the blinkers continue to function too.

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